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Why Biochemistry at Valpo?

Why does Valpo Chemistry beat the national medical school acceptance rate by 35%? Or place over 96% of its majors into employment within 6 months of graduating? Or place its graduates in Top 10 graduate schools? Maybe because we’re centrally located between the industrial markets in Chicago, Indianapolis, St. Louis and Detroit.

Or, perhaps it’s our state-of-the-art building, containing over $1 million in instrumentation our students start using as freshmen. Possibly, it’s our small class and lab sizes which are all taught by Ph.D. professors.  Come be part of a caring community that will bring out your very best.

Biochemistry Highlights

Nationally Recognized

Valpo’s chemistry department is approved by the American Chemical Society to offer certified degrees.

Acceptance Rate

79% acceptance rate to medical school (which is almost twice the national average) after graduation.

Graduate School

Approximately two-thirds of our chemistry and biochemistry majors attend graduate school (often at Top 10 Universities) or professional schools.

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Mara Paterson ‘19
“I can confidently say I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t attended Valpo. The small class sizes and small research groups provided me with 1:1 mentoring from professors and plenty of opportunities to gain valuable research experience, both at Valpo and at other universities. Not only that, but this department radiates more encouragement, compassion, and enthusiasm than any other group of people I’ve met. During my four years at Valpo, I gained much more confidence, motivation, and passion for my field than I ever anticipated, thanks to the inspiration and support of my classmates and professors.”


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