Cinema and Media Studies Minor Image

Why Cinema and Media Studies at Valpo?

The minor in Cinema and Media Studies offers the opportunity to study the role of films and other media as artistic expressions and cultural forces. Students will learn critical and theoretical tools for analyzing motion pictures and their historically evolving role in reflecting and shaping social ideologies and norms. The minor in Cinema and Media Studies allows the small-scale but concentrated study of one important art form, and through it, our contemporary world

Cinema and Media Studies Highlights

Experts and Mentors

Professors at Valpo help students develop their knowledge, their career plans, and their curiosity.

Valpo’s Christopher Center

holds more than 2,000 film titles, supplemented by the Language Resource Center’s collection of more than 500 foreign-language films.

Valpo’s World Cinema Film

screens films from a range of countries, cultures, and traditions.


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