Cinema and Media Studies

The minor in Cinema and Media Studies offers the opportunity to study the role of films and other media as artistic expressions and cultural forces. Students will learn critical and theoretical tools for analyzing motion pictures and their historically evolving role in reflecting and shaping social ideologies and norms. The minor in Cinema and Media Studies allows the small-scale but concentrated study of one important art form, and through it, our contemporary world

Highlights and Resources

  • In addition to the CMS Core course, “Introduction to Cinema,” a variety of courses in the areas of culture/history and production are offered every semester
  • Valpo’s World Cinema Film Series screens films from a range of countries, cultures, and traditions
  • Valpo’s Christopher Center for Library and Information Resources holds more than 2,000 film titles, supplemented by the Language Resource Center’s collection of more than 500 foreign-language films

A minimum of 15 credit hours is required for the minor in cinema and media studies. Specific required courses are listed below.

Course Course Name Credits
CVA 270/ENGL 270 Introduction to Cinema Studies 3 Cr.
At least one course from each of the following areas: (6 credits)
CVA 251 Studio Television Production 3 Cr.
CVA 271 Cinema Production 3 Cr.
CC 300 Seminar 3 Cr.
CVA 291 Topics in World Cinema 3 Cr.
ENGL 204 Middle Eastern Cinema 3 Cr.
ENGL 260 Cross-Cultural Narratives 3 Cr.
ENGL 360 Cross-Cultural Engagement 3 Cr.
FREN 291 Topics in World Cinema 3 Cr.
FREN 300 Topics in French and Francophone Cultures 3 Cr.
GER 291 Topics in World Cinema 3 Cr.
GER 300 Topics in German-Language Culture 3 Cr.
HIST 393 History through Film 3 Cr.
SPAN 291 Topics in World Cinema 3 Cr.
Electives: 6 Cr.
Note: Electives may be chosen from any of the above courses that have not already been taken, any other courses approved by the Cinema and Media Studies administrative committee, and any of the following courses when they are taught on film topics.
CVA 290 Topics in Communication and Visual Arts 3 Cr.
CVA 300 Podcasting 3 Cr.
CVA 324 Video Art 3 Cr.
CVA 371 Advanced Cinema Production 3 Cr.
CVA 390 Topics in Communication and Visual Arts 3 Cr.
CVA 472 Screenwriting 3 Cr.
CVA 490 Topics in Communication and Visual Arts 3 Cr.
ENGL 490 Topics in Literature 3 Cr.
FREN 290 Topics in French 3 Cr.
FREN 390 Seminar in French 3 Cr.
GER 390 Seminar in German 3 Cr.
GER 493 Senior German Seminar 3 Cr.
SPAN 390 Seminar in Spanish 3 Cr.
SPAN 493 Senior Spanish Seminar 3 Cr.
SOC 280 Media and Crime 3 Cr.
SOC 315 Mass Media and Society 3 Cr.
WLC 493 Senior Seminar 3 Cr.

Administrative Committee

Charlie Anderson (coordinator)
Associate Professor of Communication & Visual Arts
Tel: 219.464.5330
Email: Charlie.Anderson@valpo.edu

George Potter
Associate Professor of English
Tel: 219.464.5148
Email: George Potter@valpo.edu

Timothy Tomasik
Professor of Foreign Languages and Literatures
Tel: 219.464.5263
Email: Timothy.Tomasik@valpo.edu

Rick Wolff
Professor of Communication & Visual Arts
Tel: 219.464.5286
Email: Rick.Wolff1@valpo.edu