Valparaiso University’s College of Arts and Sciences is at the heart of the University’s mission of integrating the liberal arts with professional study. Home to a diverse range of academic disciplines, the College offers programs in these vital areas:

  • Natural Sciences
  • Social Sciences
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Allied Professions

Majors in the College of Arts and Sciences offer not only rigorous academic training, but also a great deal of flexibility. The College’s superb and dedicated faculty strives to understand each student’s goals and aspirations and help the student select the most appropriate course of study, whether it is a traditional major, an interdisciplinary program, or a program designed specifically for an individual student. For entering students who are unsure about a major, the College offers an exploratory program to help identify the student’s strengths and interests.

While many A&S students go on to graduate and professional schools, many enter the workforce immediately after graduation. Whatever their postgraduation plans, Valpo A&S students benefit from advice in professional development and vocational discernment as well as the guidance of academic advisors.

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The academic programs offered by the College of Arts and Sciences’ 23 departments number more than 100 and are important not only to majors, but to students in the University's professional colleges as well. Most Valpo students take courses offered by the College of Arts and Sciences to fulfill the University's general-education requirements.

These guidelines ensure that students explore many branches of knowledge and develop a broad range of skills and capacities, including an appreciation of the development of human thought and the diversity of human culture.