There’s never been a better time to invest in a degree from the Valparaiso University College of Arts and Sciences.

A college education represents a significant investment of both money and time, and students expect a lifetime of returns. Valpo delivers.

Attending the College of Arts and Sciences

  • Is affordable, thanks to generous financial aid;
  • Dramatically increases lifetime earnings;
  • Develops the skills that employers value most; and
  • Fosters self-knowledge and exploration that lead to more satisfying careers.


Better Pay
The pay gap between those who graduated from college and those who didn’t is at a record high. Americans with four-year college degrees make 98 percent more than people without a degree.
Ninety-four percent of Valpo students receive financial assistance through scholarships, grants, loans, and/or campus employment. The average annual aid award is $30,000.
Small classes and supportive, knowledgeable professors mean that Valpo A&S students really master the skills that lead to rewarding careers.

Placement rate of A&S graduates six months after graduation

Year after year, more than 90 percent of A&S graduates are employed or attend graduate school within six months of graduation.

At Valpo, you’ll study a variety of topics and build skills that will apply to more than just one profession. You’ll learn to approach questions with curiosity, creativity, and flexibility, leading to innovative solutions for the world’s greatest challenges. And regardless of your major, you’ll master the skills you need to prepare for a career in a competitive workforce. To learn more about the return on investment in a Valpo Education, read “The Truth About the Value of Education.”