Mission, Vision, & Values

College of Arts & Sciences

Mission Statement

As the heart of the university, the College of Arts and Sciences invites, encourages, and equips its diverse members to share in a life-long practice of transformative learning, reasoned understanding, joyful discovery, and faithful service.

Vision Statement

The College of Arts and Sciences, as a welcoming community of teachers, scholars, mentors, and students, will pursue both intellectual growth and professional development, balance both depth and breadth in learning experiences, practice both thoughtful reflection and active application, and appreciate both tradition and innovation.

Value Statements

  • We value the liberal arts and sciences as essential to becoming educated, liberated, and disciplined servant-leaders.
  • We value exemplary teaching and rigorous scholarship as vital to academic excellence and a better world.
  • We value diversity, including global engagement, as a catalyst for broad and deep learning.
  • We value faith, humility, charity, and self-sacrifice as foundational for building a community that blends learning and service.
  • We value wisdom as necessary for balancing life’s competing priorities.