Exploratory Studies Program: College of Arts & Sciences

Feeling pressured to choose a major before you take your first class? Have you been told by high school counselors and teachers, parents, or friends that you should pursue major XYZ? Do you have an affinity for several majors and need extra time to weigh all your options? At Valparaiso University, we say “No Worries!” because this makes you an ideal student for our Exploratory Studies Program.

What are Exploratory Studies?

The Exploratory Studies Program in the College of Arts and Sciences takes a thoughtful, no-pressure approach that allows time for you to explore your values, unlock your curiosity in multiple subjects, and discover your academic interests before choosing a major As an Exploratory major student, you will work closely with your academic advisor, Assistant Deans Elizabeth Douglas or Adrian Lee, to discuss your class schedule and consider how a particular major in the College of Arts and Sciences leads to a career pathway; all the while, making certain that you remain on track to graduate within four years.

You’ll also have the opportunity to register for the GS 150: Career Exploration class offered to students in the Exploratory Studies Program. In this exploratory studies class, you will meet with faculty and program representatives to learn about all majors/programs offered at Valpo; you will collaborate with Valpo’s Career Center; and you will hear from working professionals about their pathway from college to current employment status.

Throughout your time in the Exploratory Studies Program, we will assist you in taking an honest appraisal of your interests, your skills, your talents, and your life expectations. It’s your future, and we are excited to partner with you on your path to success!

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Wondering about all the exploratory and traditional majors Valpo has to offer? Knowing your academic options and discovering ways to pursue them are key pieces of your decision process. Through exploring your options, you might find majors you never knew existed and one that may fit perfectly for you.

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What Can I Do With an Exploratory Studies Major?

While a particular area of study may sound enticing, sometimes it is unclear how to turn an academic interest into a career. The Valpo Career Center is a helpful resource for career exploration, personality assessment, and matching career paths with relevant majors and minors.

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Discover what you’re most passionate about and how the world calls you to a life of purpose. The Institute for Leadership and Service is dedicated to preparing students for lives shaped by a sense of calling, equipped for thoughtful reflection, engaged in the larger world, and responsive to its deepest challenges.

Pursue Your Interests in the Exploratory Studies Program

Don’t have it all figured out just yet? That’s ok. You can still pursue a degree at Valparaiso University even if you don’t know your major yet. Discover what you’re most passionate about and how the world calls you to a life of purpose. Apply to pursue a four-year degree today or request more information about our Indiana college.

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