Student Support

The College of Arts and Sciences is focused on the success of every student. These resources help students make the most of their opportunities.


Valparaiso University Writing Center

The Writing Center offers face-to-face, email, and online consultations to help students master an essential skill for academic and professional life.

Language Resource Center

A welcoming setting where all Valpo language learners, including international students, can cultivate intercultural understanding and connections.

Academic Success Center

The ASC connects students with campus resources that support learning, enhance academic performance, and boost their study skills.

Access and Accommodations Resource Center

Access and Accommodations Resource Center provides accommodations, support services and special programs that are individualized to work toward each student’s success.

Christopher Center Library Services

Valpo’s professional library staff offers a wealth of wisdom to help students find and evaluate information—face to face, online, and via phone or SMS.

Undergraduate Research Office

The Office of Undergraduate Research helps students find and fund opportunities to do research and share their findings.

Competitive Scholarships and Fellowships

The Dean’s Office helps students identify and compete for scholarships and fellowships for undergraduate and graduate study.

Academic and Vocational Exploration

Advising and exploratory coursework help students select a major and identify potential career paths.

Assistance for Special Circumstances

The Dean’s Office can help students who face extraordinary challenges and those with atypical academic paths.

SMART Connections Mentoring

The Office of Multicultural Services fields the Student Mentoring and Retention Team, a diverse group of students who can help newcomers to campus adjust to life at Valpo.