Learn for a Whole Life

The College of Arts and Sciences develops lifelong critical thinking skills that empower students to lead and serve their workplaces and communities.

All undergraduate students at Valpo take courses in the College, in fulfillment of the general-education requirements that ensure that Valpo students explore a range of approaches to knowledge.

Study in the College develops students’ capacity to think clearly, to analyze facts and ideas, to draw sound conclusions from their reasoning, and to express themselves clearly and creatively. It encourages them to understand their cultural and religious heritage, developing a sensitivity to the cultures and the viewpoints of others while finding for themselves firm values and standards by which to live and make judgments.

The aim of the College is to educate responsible citizens who are prepared to thrive in an ever-changing society and to participate effectively in their institutions and communities, and to cultivate a lifelong dedication to learning.

Grad School Fast Track
The Valparaiso University Graduate School offers programs that allow qualifying students to begin graduate study after three years of undergraduate work at Valparaiso University.

Building Strong Foundations

Valpariso University's general-education requirements are fulfilled primarily by courses offered by the College of Arts and Sciences. These courses, including the intensive freshman program called Valpo Core, provide broad exposure to the major branches of learning and develop key competencies:

  • Critical reading
  • Persuasive writing and communication
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Self-awareness and articulation of values
  • Appreciation of the history and diversity of human culture

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Sharpening Skills

The major field of study is a discipline or thematically related group of courses that the student chooses in order to pursue depth of knowledge and competence in the skills required for the study of a particular area of knowledge.

The College of Arts and Sciences offers more than 120 majors.

Pursuit of the major moves the student toward mastery of analytical skills introduced by general-education courses. See available majors and minors »

On to Mastery

More than 30 master's degree programs offered by the Valparaiso University Graduate School are supervised by members of the Arts & Sciences faculty. These include

  • 11 programs in fields related to administration, commerce, economics, technology, and media
  • 10 programs in counseling and education
  • 12 programs in languages, humanities, and social sciences

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