The Academic Success Center (ASC) provides referral services to help students connect with academic support resources available on campus.  The ASC aims to support students’ personal and academic development at Valpo by connecting them with opportunities to enhance their learning, boost their performance, and develfullsizerender-15op new study skills.

The ASC coordinates a variety of programs and services to support academic achievement, including the Peer Tutoring Program (serving many 100 and 200 level courses), the Supplemental Instruction (SI) Program and GS-100: Strategies for Academic Success (1-credit college success skills course).  In collaboration with other offices, the ASC staff work to provide academic support services that benefit the learning needs of students and promote their academic goals.  Email, call or stop by the ASC during office hours to get more information about campus-wide academic support resources.

 Valpo Learning Centers The ASC is one of Valpo’s four learning centers.