What is the Peer Tutoring Program?
The Peer Tutoring Program is a student-tutor match program that offers free course-specific tutoring in many 100 and 200 level courses, mostly in math, science and nursing courses. The program runs during the fall and spring semesters and delivers tutoring through weekly individual and small group sessions held inside the ASC’s tutoring center located in the Christopher Center Library.

What are the conditions for being placed in the Peer Tutoring Program?

Before applying for the program, students are expected to talk to their professor and attend any available first-level academic support services, such as professor office hours, department help sessions, SI sessions, and drop-in tutoring available at the Writing Center, Language Resource Center, and Hesse Learning Resource Center. Spots in the program may be limited based on the demand and availability of peer tutors. Students must be currently enrolled in the undergraduate course for which they seek assistance.

How do I request a spot in the Peer Tutoring Program?

Students who would like to be matched with a peer tutor for a 100 or 200 level course must first complete the ASC’s Peer Tutoring Request Form. A link to the form will be available on this page after the drop/add period is complete at the start of the fall and spring semesters. Students who are successfully matched with a tutor with be placed in the program to receive a weekly 1-hour tutoring session (with the same tutor at a regular appointment time) for the specific course throughout the semester. (Fall and spring semesters only.)
January 21, 2021 Update
INFORMATION ABOUT SPRING 2021 PEER TUTORING PROGRAM (serving many 100-200 level courses):
  • COVID-19: The Academic Success Center’s capacity to provide tutoring services is contingent upon the health and availability of its student staff.  All of our peer educators are students.
  • The ASC’s Peer Tutoring Program is now operating both in person and remotely.  Each tutor-tutee pair will determine the best method by which to conduct a weekly 1-hour tutoring session.
  • To request to be matched with a tutor for a 100- or 200-level course, follow this link to complete the          PEER TUTOR REQUEST FORM before the deadline.  The last day to submit a request for a spot in the Spring 2021 program is April 7th at noon.  After this deadline, the spring program will be closed to new participants.
  • TUTORING INFORMATION for PRE-ENGINEERING & ENGINEERING STUDENTS ONLY:  If you are seeking a tutor for a math (calculus and above), physics, or engineering course, you need to complete the Spring 2021 Hesse Center Academic Support Form to be connected to tutoring in the Hesse Learning Resource Center in the College of Engineering.

Who are the peer tutors?

The Peer Tutors working for the Academic Success Center are current undergraduate students at sophomore, junior, and senior levels. They received recommendations from their professors after successfully completing the courses in which they now serve. Peer Tutors are expected to demonstrate a commitment to cultural diversity and the ability to work with individuals or groups from diverse backgrounds. See ASC Student Employment page for more information.