Practice makes progress. Practice your language with an LRC Language Partner. With practice, everyone can get better!

1.  Login to TutorTrac  with your Valpo username/password.

2. Click SEARCH AVAILABILITY button on the left.

3. Click the 3 blue arrows and select:
CENTER = LRC: Language partners
SECTION = Your language course
REASON = General reason for your visit

4. Click SEARCH button to see times

5. Choose an appointment TIME:
— Appointments are 20 minutes.
— Appointments are private, one-on-one.
— Students can make 2 or 3 appointments in a row for a longer session.

6. In the NOTES area at the bottom, add your specific goal for this session.

7. Click SAVE. Look for an email reminder about your appointment.

We call our tutors “Language Partners.” They will guide you as you practice your language. Tutoring sessions are private and last 20 minutes.  You can set up 2 or 3 consecutive sessions for a longer appointment.

Meet the Language Partners:


More about Language Partners:

There is no charge to use the LRC’s tutoring services. Language Partners have a set schedule, are available for drop-in or by-appointment sessions, and can meet students desiring a one-time session or sessions on a weekly basis. Students needing any level of support should first speak with their professor and then contact the LRC. Language Partners support students of all abilities, primarily at the 1st and 2nd year level.  Depending on student needs and Language Partner availability, the LRC may refer students to the Academic Success Center after reviewing the student’s class schedule and/or need for supplemental tutoring beyond what the LRC can provide.

Language Partners are among the very top student majors within their language (or native speakers) and have been hand-selected by their professors. Students meet with a Language Partner to work on whatever area the student wants to focus on during the session — from the first semester student who needs help with basic pronunciation principles to the intermediate student who wants to review the subjunctive or go over the finishing touches on a paper. Language Partners also love to talk in their target language! Advanced students are encouraged to meet up with a Language Partner as a peer and fellow language major to simply chat about weekend plans or exchange study abroad stories.

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