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About the LRC

Directed by Carol Goss and under the umbrella of the Department of World Languages and Cultures, the LRC expressly supports students in multiple ways, providing three distinct branches of student support: 

  1. Tutoring: Supporting academic success through the Language Partner Tutoring Program, closely connected to language courses. 
  2. Programming: Supporting language practice and intercultural awareness, as well as leadership development, through a variety of groups and events, most led entirely by student leaders and open to students within and beyond the department.
  3. Gathering: Supporting community-building by carefully cultivating a vibrant, inclusive, and protective space for informal gathering where students study and socialize. Here, and in the other two branches of student support, the LRC invites and celebrates a diversity of voices and perspectives.
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Our Mission

The mission of the Language Resource Center is to enhance and cultivate language learning and intercultural understanding by supporting learners and faculty members within the Department of World Languages and Cultures, the College of Arts and Sciences and beyond.

Students Practicing Language

Resources and Services

The LRC fulfills this mission by providing resources and services that prioritize face-to-face personal interaction, authentic language use and cross-cultural understanding within a welcoming space designed for learning and gathering.

As one of Valparaiso University’s Learning Centers, the LRC aims to support all students in achieving their academic and personal goals within their language studies.

Student support services include:

  • tutoring through the Language Partner Program;
  • material resources for language study and cultural enrichment;
  • opportunities for authentic language use through conversation programs, student activities, and department-sponsored programming;
  • welcoming space open to all students for gathering and studying

The Department of World Languages and Cultures and its faculty are supported through:

  • Organized opportunities for discussion of second language pedagogy and technology resources;
  • Individual consultation to facilitate meaningful integration of instructional technology in department courses;
  • Coordination of placement exams and promotion of department initiatives that encourage the study of language, literature and culture.

In these ways, the LRC commits to serving as a central point of connection for world language faculty and learners as well as student groups and affiliated constituents that sponsor cultural programs and opportunities for language learning.