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Student getting a book

French and Spanish Collections

The French and Spanish books that make up the LRC Reading Collection are available for any student to either read in the LRC or borrow for a short period of time. The collection primarily serves to support “Free Reading” programs that may be incorporated into a variety of intermediate language classes. The idea behind Free Reading will be familiar to anyone who has heard of or who has participated in “silent sustained reading.” Students in a Free Reading program choose their own books, with the guidance of the instructor. They are encouraged to put down a book they are not enjoying. In such a program, students read a lot and on a regular basis.

The LRC Reading Collection is easy to access and the books are collected together for easy browsing. Books are located on the shelves directly above the resource counter. In addition, students have many books to choose from, as topics and genres vary. The books are organized according to level of difficulty, to facilitate students’ choice of reading material and gradual shift to successively more difficult books.

Even if you are not taking a language course that formally incorporates a Free Reading program, you are always welcome to read! Find a quiet corner in the LRC or ask an LRC staff person about checking out a book to read at home.