The Valparaiso Core is a two-semester interdisciplinary course called “The Human Experience.”  The Valpo Core creates the foundation for a student’s general education at Valpo (unless that student is in the Christ College Freshman Program). The Valpo Core fosters skills, attitudes, and work habits essential to success at the university as it initiates students into the life of the mind and into this academic community.

What’s Core all about?

Core is about what it means, what it has meant, and what it will mean in the future to be human.

Three days a week, you meet with a group of 20 students and your instructor. Two of the class sessions are 50 minutes in length, and the third session is 100 minutes. The classroom is a dynamic discussion. You talk about what you have read or written, share perspectives, and sometimes debate them. You talk about real and complex issues from the very first unit, drawing upon the resources of the humanities and social sciences (and more rarely, the natural sciences) to examine aspects of human life, our societies, and issues of justice.