BSBA Core Requirements

General Education Requirements

This University-wide general-education core of arts and sciences courses strengthens business communication and critical thinking skills while introducing students to global cultures and traditions. All undergraduate majors in the Valparaiso University College of Business take these courses, along with the business core courses and specialized courses required for the major field of study.

Freshman Core Program8 credits
CORE 110The Human Experience4 credits
CORE 115The Human Experience4 credits
Theology3 credits
THEO 200The Christian Tradition3 credit
Cultural Diversity11 credits
World Languages and Cultures8 credits
One of the following options:-Courses numbered 102 and 203 in a foreign language in which the student has more than one year of high school credit
-Courses numbered 101 and 102 in a foreign language which the student has not previously taken
-For non-immigrant visa international students whose native language is not English, there is no foreign language requirement, provided they have completed ENGL 200: Literary Studies
Cultural Diversity Course3 credits
One of the following options:Three-credit course from a specified list of approved diversity courses
Semester abroad in one of the International Study Programs, the Chicago Urban Studies Semester, or either of the Washington Semester Programs
Humanities3 credits
One of the following options:– Fine and Performing Arts
– History
– Literature
– Philosophy (except PHIL 145/150)
Social Science3 credits
Choose one three-credit course from geography (designated), political science and international relations, social work (designated), sociology, or gender studies
Natural Sciences8 credits
PSY 110General Psychology3 credits
PSY 111Laboratory in General Experimental Psychology1 credits
Three to four credits with a laboratory component from astronomy, biology, chemistry, physical geography, meteorology, physics, or natural science
Quantitative Analysis4 credits
MATH 124Finite Mathematics4 credits
Healthy Lifestyles1 credit
One of the following options: 
KIN 100 Healthy Lifestyles
KIN 101 Wellness and Stress
ECON 221Principles of Economics-Micro3 credits
ECON 222Principles of Economics-Macro3 credits
ENGL 210Introduction to Business and Professional Writing3 credits
PHIL 145Elementary Logical and Critical Thinking3 credits
Total56-57 credits

Core Business Requirements

The business core provides background in the production and marketing of goods and/or services and the financing of the business enterprise, building on the knowledge gained in the general education core. All undergraduate majors in the Valparaiso University College of Business take these courses, along with the general education core and specialized courses required for the major field of study.

Freshman/Sophomore Core Courses
BUS 100 The Business Experience 3 credits
BUS 100L The Business Experience Lab 0 credits
BLAW 104 Legal Environment of Business 3 credits
ACC 205 Financial Accounting 3 credits
ACC 206 Managerial Accounting 3 credits
IDS 115 Business Applications for Decision Making 3 credit
IDS 205 Business Statistics 3 credits
Total 18 credits
Junior/Senior Core Courses
FIN 304 Financial Management 3 credits
MGT 304 Management and Organizational Behavior 3 credits
MGT 305 Business Ethics 3 credits
MKT 304 Marketing Management 3 credits
IDS 306 Global Operations and Supply Chain Management 3 credits
IDS 310 Intro to Business Analytics 3 credits
Senior Capstone
MGT 475 Business Policy and Strategy 3 credits
MGT 475L Business Policy and Strategy Lab 0 credits
One course from the following options:  
MGT 395 Internship Experience in Business Administration I 1 credit
MGT 381 Cooperative Education in Business Administration I 2 credits
Total 22-23 credits
Total Business Core 40-41 credits