M.S. in Sports Administration

With an M.S. in sports administration, Valpo students develop competence and pursue careers in the management of sports personnel and facilities.


The Master of Science with a concentration in Sports Administration (MSSA) is a 36-credit program for individuals interested in developing competence and pursuing careers in the management of sports personnel and facilities. Graduates of this program may assume supervisory and administrative positions in a variety of settings, including public recreation systems, voluntary agencies, facility and event management, community based athletic programs, college athletic administration, and professional sports organizations. The program is administered through the College of Business.

The program emphasizes competency in seven core areas:

  • Leadership, management, and organization of recreation and sport
  • Research methods
  • Legal aspects of sports
  • Marketing of programs and facilities
  • Ethics in sports management
  • Sports in a social context
  • Financial aspects of sport

In this interdisciplinary program, students take graduate coursework through the College of Business and other graduate programs, including Education, Psychology, Communication, and Liberal Studies.


MS in Sports Administration (36 Cr.)

Business Core 12 credits
ACC 610 Accounting Information for Decision Analysis 3 credits
MGT 670 Strategic Thinking & Action 3 credits
Two of the following:
MGT 757 Developing People 3 credits
MGT 753 Project Management 3 credits
MGT 650 Leadership in a Global Environment 3 credits
Sports Administration Core 15 credits
KIN 533 Management and Development of Facilities 3 credits
KIN 570 Sport and the Law 3 credits
ECON 567 Sports Economics 3 credits
One of the following:
KIN 543 Sports Marketing, Promotions, and Fund-Raising 3 credits
MKT 630 Marketing Management and Consumer Experience 3 credits
One of the following:
KIN 553 Financial Aspects of Sport 3 credits
FIN 620 Financial Analysis 3 credits
Sports Administration Electives 6 credits
Two courses from the following options:
KIN 510 Psychology of Sport 3 credits
KIN 520 Women and Sports 3 credits
KIN 530 Sport and Society 3 credits
KIN 590 Topics 3 credits
Or a class approved by the College of Business graduate advisor
Internship/CPT: 3 credits
KIN 586 Internship in Sports Administration 3-6* credits
KIN 795 Master’s Thesis 3 credits
* Internship/CPT exceeding 3 hours can be used as Sports Administration Elective hours


All applicants must meet the admission criteria of the Graduate School. In addition, students must have an undergraduate degree, preferably with the equivalent of 12 credits in KIN, a KIN related area (e.g., Recreation and Leisure), or Business.