Certificate in Business Spanish (Minimum 13 Cr.)

CourseCourse DescriptionCredits
BUS 100 The Business Experience3 Cr.
SPAN 204Intermediate Spanish II4 Cr.
Students who place beyond SPAN 204
would take one of the following classes:
SPAN 290Spanish for Heritage Speakers3 Cr.
SPAN 303Advanced Communication in Spanish3 Cr.
SPAN 306Contemporary Social Issues in Hispanic Media3 Cr.
SPAN 307Spanish for Business3 Cr.
SPAN 308Spanish for Service Professionals3 Cr.
SPAN 309Latinx Studies3 Cr.
One course from the following options:
SPAN 230Spain: Studies in Culture and Society4 Cr.
SPAN 231Latin America: Studies in Culture and Society4 Cr.
Capstone course:
MGT 335Spanish Communication in Business Transactions3 Cr.

SAP University Alliances Award Certification* (9 Cr.)

SAP is the global leader in enterprise application software, with over 440,000 customers in more than 180 countries. The SAP University Alliances enable colleges and universities to access SAP products and solutions to use in their courses. This means that SAP UA institutions have the capability to enable students to gain hands-on experience with SAP products and solutions. Students who earn the award will demonstrate the depth and breadth of their knowledge using state-of-the-art software, developing valuable skills relevant to their careers and chosen fields. Students in Accounting, Business Analytics, Supply Chain Management, and Management (Project Management emphasis) will benefit from the certification which enhances career options for students interested in working for businesses that use SAP software.

CourseCourse DescriptionCredits
BUS 115Business Applications for Decision-Making3 Cr.
One course from the following options:
MGT 322Project Management Tools and Techniques3 Cr.
SCM 310Global Logistics Planning3 Cr.
SCM 330Enterprise Resource Planning Systems3 Cr.

*To be eligible for the certification the classes must be taught by an SAP-certified instructor. Please consult the college academic advisor before taking the classes.