Academic Support

The College of Business is committed to the success of all of our students. The following resources are available to support students’ academic success, professional growth, and personal well-being.


Each College of Business student is paired with an academic advisor who guides the student through all four years. The advisors work with students to develop and adapt four-year coursework plans and to assist as students enroll in new classes. Students often consult with their advisors about a variety of academic and non-academic issues, and advisors can help connect them to a wide range of Valpo resources.


Students struggling in a course should first consult with their professors during office hours to find out about supplemental instruction (SI) opportunities and department help sessions. Students who would like to work with a peer tutor should submit a Peer Tutoring Request Form. Students who are placed in the program receive one free, weekly tutoring session for a specific undergraduate course. Space is limited.

Learning Centers
Research Help
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