College of Business classroom during class discussion

Strategic Plan

Preparing for tomorrow

At Valpo, business education goes beyond maximizing profit and shareholder value. For us, business is about making a difference, having a purpose greater than yourself. If you address what matters first – socially, environmentally, and financially responsible business practices, profit will follow. Our students are held to a higher standard and we expect them to demonstrate character and make a positive impact regardless of where their journey takes them – to do well by doing good.

– Niclas Erhardt, Dean
people, communities, and our environment by embracing diversity and working toward inclusion and equity.
to an ever changing world by staying agile, growth oriented, and industry relevant with a sustainable mindset.
in our faculty, staff, and college for student professional exploration and success.
and advocate for our internal and external stakeholders.
with our business communities, alumni, campus, and beyond for student experiential learning.


We strive to continuously hold ourselves and others to a higher standard to do well by doing good.


We cultivate values-based global leaders who emphasize socially, environmentally, and financially responsible business practices.