Distance Learning

In business and in education, communication is key. But in today’s fast-paced and global business world, we can’t always meet face-to-face. At Valpo, you’ll have access to MBA Live® technology, which turns our classrooms into real-time audio and video communication centers. With MBA Live®, Valpo brings international experts into the classroom, and brings the classroom to you, wherever your life takes you.


From your first business class, professors emphasize a global approach to business. They also model it by inviting guest speakers from around the world. MBA Live® technology allows these experts to share their wisdom virtually with you without ever getting on a plane.

In addition to learning from these experts, the MBA Live® technology lets you practice meaningful communication across distance. The technology facilitates a natural interaction, so you can focus on learning and conversing, not on the equipment. In an era of increasing online collaboration, this is one more way that Valpo prepares you for the future of global business.


You’re ready for your MBA, but you’re not ready to put your life on hold. MBA Live® allows you to benefit from Valpo’s classroom experience wherever you are. The MBA Live® program is available for all MBA students, whether you are taking your courses full- or part-time, online or on campus. You can use our distance learning tools as a back-up plan for weeks when you travel or have family obligations.

MBA Live® is unique because it brings you into the classroom, in real time. You can interact with the professor, view all presentation materials, and collaborate in small-group work with fellow students.

All MBA classes are recorded and can be viewed on-demand. So, whether you miss a session or want an opportunity to review, MBA Live® technology can improve your MBA experience.


Three cameras and 15 microphones allow for open communication between those in the classroom and those who are participating remotely.

To use MBA LIVE® outside of the classroom, you will need the following equipment:

  • A computer, preferably a laptop
  • A webcam, preferably with a built-in microphone for ease of use
  • A wired internet connection*
  • Headphones or earbuds

*Wireless Internet, including 3G, 4G, WiFi, and WiMAX, is not as stable as a wired connection and should only be used in emergencies.