Business Major Programs

Education for Business Majors — and for Life

At Valpo, we prepare students for both personal, as well as professional, success. Our undergraduate business program uses a three-pronged approach:

  • The General Education Core of arts and sciences courses: this University-wide core strengthens your business communication and critical thinking skills while introducing you to global cultures and traditions.
  • The Business Core: this block of critical core courses gives you an overview of important business principles and tools. 

What Sets Our Business Degree Programs Apart

The Valparaiso University College of Business is proud to work with students who aim to be visionaries, values-based leaders, and fearless in the business world. We work to instill the idea that every one of our business major students have the opportunity to change the world with bold thinking and ethical decision-making.

Just some of the reasons students choose our business degree programs is because:

  • All of the students in our College of Business participate in internships
  • We offer nine different business majors to help students focus their studies
  • Our strategic plan goes beyond maximizing profit to focus on responsible social, environmental, and financial business practices
  • We boast a 96% placement rate for graduates of our business degree programs

Business Degree Programs


Accounting skills have broad applications in business, helping companies avoid mistakes and use money efficiently. Learn more about pursuing an accounting major at our College of Business.

Business Analytics (STEM-designated degree)

Big Data is integrated into just about every aspect of life. Learn how to use this ever-increasing amount of data to help businesses succeed. Find out if a business analytics major at our College of Business is right for you.


Study key elements and tools in financial management while growing analytical and communication skills along the way. Explore more about a finance major at our College of Business.

Integrated Business and Engineering (STEM-designated degree)

Combine your interests in business and engineering by learning to adapt in the ever-changing workforce. Learn more about pursuing an integrated business and engineering major at our College of Business.

International Business

A foundational business curriculum is supplemented by extensive study of a foreign language, and students spend at least one semester in an international location where they live, study, and work. Find out of an international business major is right for you at our College of Business.


Explore the fundamentals of business while also gaining the valuable skills necessary to be an effective, ethical, and humane leader. Find out if a management major is a good fit for your future at our College of Business.


Participate in real-world marketing projects, conduct team research, and develop strategies for surrounding organizations, businesses, and more. Explore a marketing major at our College of Business.

Sport Management

The study of sport management gives students a theoretical background of the business of sport as well as practical application opportunities to prepare them for a career in the ever-growing sport industry.

Supply Chain and Logistics Management (STEM-DESIGNATED)

A degree in supply chain and logistics management translates into opportunity in this in-demand industry. Find out if a supply chain and logistics management major is right for you at our College of Business.

The Value of Evaluation

In any business, understanding the status quo is a prerequisite to making the most of opportunities and changing the game. When you’re in the business of learning, the critical variable is you — and Valpo’s College of Business offers unique insight into your own progress through its Assessment Center.

The Assessment Center

The Assessment Center is a three-hour program in which students demonstrate their decision-making, communication, and problem-solving skills through simulated business situations. Collegiate Assessment Partners professionals review and evaluate session recordings, and issue a personalized report summarizing each students’ strengths and opportunities. Every Valpo business student participates in the process twice during her or his college career – in the first year and in the final semester – so they can track their growth in the soft skills that are critical for business success.