Business Analytics

The age of Big Data continues to inundate us with extensive amounts of information through phones, computers, televisions, store sensors, airports — just about every aspect of daily life. A major in business analytics can turn Big Data into big opportunity.

All College of Business majors begin with two core groups of courses:

Major Requirements for Business Analytics
IDS 115 Business for Decision Making 3 credits
BUS 315 Analytical Modeling 3 credits
BUS 330 Database Management 3 credits
IDS 340 Statistics for Decision Making 3 credits
BUS 370 Visual Effects 3 credits
BUS 440 Data Mining 3 credits
BUS 470 Business Analytics Practicum 3 credits
Major Field Requirement 6 credits
Total 25 credits
Free electives 6 credits
Grand Total (all courses) 125 credits

In addition to the required courses outlined below, each student in the program is required to complete one of the following:

  • Cooperative Education experience combining full-time professional, paid work experience with academic coursework, or
  • An Internship

Program Expectations

Our business analytics degree program offers students the chance to learn analytics software from the ground up. Students grow the skills to make confident decisions while helping to drive operational efficiency within a business setting.

This bachelor-level degree program in business analytics is intended to be a four-year course of study with a cooperative education experience or internship built-in. Valpo graduates with a bachelor’s degree in Business Analytics will enter the workforce with a unique skillset that helps businesses mitigate risk, increase efficiency, and gain new insights.

Degree Career Opportunities

Various industries rely on individuals with a degree in business analytics to make key business decisions. Just a few include:

  • Consulting
  • Financing
  • Health care
  • Hospitality
  • Sports management

Educational Outcomes

The business analytics major at Valpo provides students with the tools to predict trends, as well as synthesize and distribute intelligence in exciting new ways, harnessing skills for which there is a high and growing demand in the field.

Data analytics frequently prompts the creation of new jobs. Take data translators, for example; they collaborate with a company’s management team and data scientists. McKinsey Global Institute projects that the demand for translators will reach two to four million by 2026 in the U.S. alone!

— Associate Professor Coleen Wilder

Apply To Earn Your Bachelor’s in Business Analytics

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