Sport Management

Strength in our core curriculum, combined with the flexibility of our concentrations, gives your career the endurance to go far.

97.06% placement rate from 2018-2020

What is Sport Management?

The study of sport management gives students a theoretical background of the business of sport as well as practical application opportunities to prepare them for a career in the ever-growing sport industry.  Students will gain extensive knowledge in financial trends, facility and event management, and ethical decision making that they can use in professional sports, intercollegiate athletics, or youth and community recreation

Career Outlook

A sport management degree can lead to a variety of careers.  Our students have gone on to work as:

  • City Parks and Recreation Directors
  • Collegiate Athletic Directors
  • Collegiate Athletic Department Personnel
  • Collegiate Recreation Sports Directors
  • Division I Head Coaches
  • Fitness Center Owners
  • Golf Course Personnel
  • High School Athletic Directors
  • Motor Speedway Personnel
  • National Governing Body Personnel
  • Professional Sport Team Business Office Personnel
  • Professional Sport Team Front Office Personnel
  • Researchers and Academics in Sport Management and Administration
  • Special Olympics Personnel
  • Sport Agency Representative
  • Sport Broadcast Network Officials
  • Sporting Equipment and Apparel Sales and Logistics
  • Sport Marketing Professionals

The undergraduate sport management program incorporates the areas of physical education, business, and communications into its discipline. It also requires students to pursue a relevant minor —  business administration.

The degree program prepares students for careers in professional sports, college athletics, amateur sports, youth sports, or corporate positions with a sport-related component.

Program requirements

B.A. students in Kinesiology at Valpo must complete the general-education requirements for the B.A. This University-wide core strengthens communication and critical thinking skills while introducing the student to global cultures and traditions.

Required Courses

Bachelor of Arts – Sport Management Major

KIN 152 Foundations of Sport Management 2 Cr.
KIN 220 Coaching Theory 3 Cr.
KIN 240 Governance in Sports 3 Cr.
KIN 320 Sport, Society and Ethics 3 Cr.
KIN 333 Management and Development of Facilities 3 Cr.
KIN 343 Sport Marketing and Social Media 3 Cr.
KIN 386 Preparation and Career Management 3 Cr.
KIN 433 Sport Law 3 Cr.
KIN 443 Financial Aspects of Sport 3 Cr.
KIN 486 Internship in Sport Management or Exercise Science 1-3Cr.
Two courses from the following options:
KIN 310 Psychology of Sport 3 Cr.
KIN 390 Special Topics in Kinesiology 3 Cr.
ECON 367 Sport Economics 3 Cr.
One course from the following options:
   KIN 373 Research Seminar in Kinesiology and Ethics 2 Cr.
   KIN 415 Research Methods in Sport and Kinesiology 3 Cr.
Additional Required Courses
ENGL 210 Introduction to Business and Professional Writing 3 Cr.
One course from the following options:
   CVA 243 Public Speaking 3 Cr
   CVA 244 Persuasion and Advocacy 3 Cr.
   CVA 265 Public Relations Principles 3 Cr.
Business Administration Minor 27 Cr.