Valparaiso University is committed to developing managers who are effective, ethical and humane leaders. With curricula that focus on ethics, communication and problem-solving, Valpo uniquely emphasizes preparing students to be effective and practical stewards of the resources entrusted to them as managers of organizations and leaders of people.

All College of Business majors begin with two core groups of courses:

The major requirements ensure students develop skills in critical thinking, logical decision-making, and thoughtful analysis of complex problems.

Major Requirements for Management
MGT 310 Managing Human Resources 3 credits
MGT 315 Leadership and Interpersonal Skills 3 credits
MGT 470 High-Performance Organizations 3 credits
Total 9 credits
Major Field Requirement 6 credits
Two non-core business courses numbered above 300
Take one of the following groupings:
Human Resources Emphasis
COMM 366 Negotiation and Conflict Resolution 3 credits
MGT 311 Selection, Training, and Development 3 credits
MGT 312 Performance Management and Compensation 3 credits
MGT 410 Strategic Human Resource Management 3 credits
Project Management Emphasis
BUS 320 SAP Concepts, Configurations, and Management 3 credits
MGT 321 Fundamentals of Project Management 3 credits
MGT 322 Project Management Tools and Techniques 3 credits
MGT 421 Cases in Applied Project Management 3 credits
Free electives 3-4 credits
GRAND TOTAL (all courses) 125 credits


In addition to the required courses outlined below, each student in the BSBA program is required to complete one of the following:

  • A Cooperative Education experience combining full-time professional, paid work experience with academic coursework, or
  • An Internship


“I have this diversified major — international business — where we take upper-level classes in all areas of business,” she says. “Then I focus on my language, and focus specifically on management, so I’m a very qualified candidate for what I want to do.”