Students attend Valpo’s college for business majors

Lauren Stutler


Lauren Stutler Majors: International Business, Business Management, and Spanish Class of 2014
Hometown: Massillon, Ohio

Lauren Stutler envisions herself someday traveling the world as a business management consultant. Her time at Valparaiso University prepared her to make that dream a reality.

Stutler studied international business, business management, and Spanish. She says the combination was a perfect match for her interests.

“I had this diversified major — international business — where we took upper-level classes in all areas of business,” she says. “Then I focused on my language, and focused specifically on management, so I’m a very qualified candidate for what I want to do.”

She learned about management consulting from Associate Professor of Management Jim Stück, who continues to work as a consultant and teaches a course on cross-cultural management. Hearing his stories, Stutler could imagine herself doing the same job. To find out more, Stutler completed a summer internship at the Accelerator Program at Vanderbilt University, consulting for the five participating companies.

“It required long hours and lots of research,” she says. “I loved it and felt so at home doing it.”

She says mentors like Stück and Assistant Dean Toni Spaliaras helped her find the best path.

“They try to guide you and to help you pick the best major,” Stutler says. “You get a lot of support to guide you to where you truly want to be.”

After graduation, Laura accepted a position with Teach for America as a secondary math teacher in Cleveland, Ohio.