Students attend Valpo’s college for business majors

Paul Yox

Paul Yox

Paul Yox Majors: Finance and Economics Class of 2015
Hometown: Mt. Pleasant, Texas

One thing Paul Yox appreciates about his Valpo education is the opportunity to put skills to the test — both in competitions and in his community.

“There is a distinct culture that blends achievement and service at Valpo that cannot be replicated elsewhere,” says Yox, a double major in finance and economics who hails from Mt. Pleasant, Texas.

Yox represented Valparaiso University’s College of Business in numerous case-study competitions. In case-study events, participants present solutions to real-world business problems.

Yox remained equally committed to the service side of the equation. “Attending Valpo presented me with unparalleled opportunities to add value to my community while growing both personally and professionally,” he says.

As president of the campus Financial Management Association, Yox initiated the Distinguished Leaders Series at Valpo, a monthly speaker series featuring Valpo alumni. In its first year, the series hosted a CEO of an international consulting firm, the CFO of a major law firm, and a global lead partner at a Big Four audit firm.

“I thrived at Valpo because of the tremendous support from other students, faculty, and alumni alike,” Yox concludes.