Students attend Valpo’s college for business majors

Xavier Scott-Reed

Xavier Scott

Xavier Scott-Reed Major: Accounting and International Business Class of 2016
Hometown: East Chicago, Ind.

As a freshman, Xavier Scott-Reed found himself virtually face-to-face with Brazilian business leaders. They addressed his class through Valpo’s MBA Live® communication system — allowing Scott-Reed to learn from their expertise without ever getting on a plane.

“Right from the start, the global approach to business is something emphasized countless times in the classroom,” he says.

Scott-Reed later took Chinese language classes in addition to required courses for a double major in accounting and international business. He spent a summer studying abroad in China to further the language skills he’d developed in the classroom.

Scott-Reed sees this as preparation for his work as an accountant and his long-term goal of launching a new church dedicated to youth. He says he can’t think of another university that would better prepare him to become a thoughtful leader and ethical businessman and person.

“This place will help you reach your dreams,” he says.