Supply Chain & Logistics Management

Designed in response to the increasing demand, a bachelor’s degree in Logistics Management translates into opportunity. According to a recent study from Supply Chain Insights, 25–33% of the supply chain workforce is at or past retirement age, opening the door for the next generation to embark on a career in this in-demand industry.

All College of Business majors begin with two core groups of courses:

Major Requirements for Business Analytics
IDS 340  Statistics for Decision Making 3 credits
SCM 310 Global Logistics Management 3 credits
BUS 315 Analytical Modeling 3 credits
SCM 330 Enterprise Resource Planning Systems 3 credits
SCM 402 Advanced Analytical Methods for SCM 3 credits
SCM 405 Supply Chain Strategy — Capstone 3 credits
Two courses with a global/international focus from the following options:
MKT 430 International Marketing 3 credits
FIN 430 International Finance 3 credits
MGT 440 Cross Cultural Management 3 credits
Total 24 credits
Free electives 7 credits
Grand Total (all courses) 125 credits

In addition to the required courses outlined on this page, each student in the program is required to complete one of the following:

  • Cooperative Education experience combining full-time professional, paid work experience with academic coursework, or
  • An Internship

Program Expectations

Our supply chain and logistics management program gives students hands-on experience with ERP software that is commonly used in the workplace. Valpo graduates will develop the analytical and decision-making skills necessary to address complex supply chain problems locally, regionally, and globally.

This bachelor-level program in supply chain management is intended to be a four-year course of study. University-wide general-education core of arts and sciences courses strengthens business communication and critical thinking skills while introducing students to global cultures and traditions. Having this foundation gives students a unique perspective as they move through the bachelor’s in supply chain management program to more specialized courses.

Educational Focus Areas

Valpo’s supply chain and logistics management program will equip students for these cross-functional roles through new focused courses in

  • Global logistics management
  • Advanced analytical methods
  • Enterprise resource planning systems
  • And more!

Industry Demand for a Degree in Logistics & Supply Chain Management

The domestic and international economy continues to grow and operations around the globe are becoming increasingly complex, making it critical for businesses and organizations to manage the supply and demand of goods and services in an efficient, competitive, and profitable manner.

Various industries rely on individuals with a degree in logistics and supply management to understand and monitor their supply chain. Just a few include:

  • Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Consultancy
  • Retail

Someone with a bachelor’s degree to operate the system that moves a product from supplier to consumer is vital to businesses success. They seek people with the skills and in-depth understanding to manage and execute supply chain operations.

Supply chain and logistics managers impact the overall success of a business through involvement in every element of an organization — purchasing, planning, transportation, production, operations, and storage, as well as the threads that connect the various elements of a business.

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