Minor in Project Management

Required Courses

Project Management Minor (Minimum 15 Cr.)
CourseCourse DescriptionCredits
MGT 304Management and Organizational Behavior3 Cr.
MGT 321Fundamentals of Project Management3 Cr.
MGT 322Project Management Tools and Techniques3 Cr.
Take one of the following courses:
SCM 330Enterprise Resource Planning Systems3 Cr.
CE 493Senior Design I: Project Planning and Management3 Cr.
GE 497Senior Design Project I3 Cr.
Take one of the following courses:
MGT 421Cases in Applied Project Management3 Cr.
CE 494Senior Design II: Project Development and Design3 Cr.
GE 498Senior Design Project II3 Cr.
SCM 405Supply Chain Strategy – Capstone3 Cr.
BAN 470Business Analytics Practicum3 Cr.