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Minor in Entrepreneurship

Develop managerial experience and the skills required to bring products and services to the marketplace. Participate in entrepreneurial start-ups, business plans, market studies, financing, and other areas essential to a successful business start-up. Regardless of your major, with a minor in entrepreneurship you’ll establish a foundation in cooperation, leadership, innovation, performance, and social responsibility.

Requirements for Minor in Entrepreneurship:

All of the following courses:

CourseCourse DescriptionCredits
ENT 100Introduction to Entrepreneurship3 credits
ENT 200Creativity and Innovation3 credits
ENT 330Business Planning and Venture Finance3 credits
ENT 470Entrepreneurship: Contemporary Issues and Challenges3 credits
One course from the following options:
ENT 420Entrepreneurial Consulting3 credits
ENT 450Entrepreneurship and Product Development3 credits