Minor in Human Resources

Required Courses

Human Resources Minor (Minimum 15 Cr.)

CourseCourse DescriptionCredits
MGT 304Management and Organizational Behavior3 Cr.
Take three of the following courses:
MGT 310Human Resource Management3 Cr.
MGT 311Selection, Training, and Development3 Cr.
MGT 312Performance Management and Compensation3 Cr.
MGT 410Strategic Human Resource Management3 Cr.
Take one of the following courses:
CVA 311Organizational Communication3 Cr.
CVA 315Intercultural Communication3 Cr.
CVA 345Leadership Communication3 Cr.
CVA 366Negotiation and Conflict Resolution3 Cr.
MGT 315Leadership and Interpersonal Skills3 Cr.
PSY 335Psychology of Personality3 Cr.
PSY 325Cross-Cultural Psychology3 Cr.