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Minor in Supply Chain and Logistics Management

The 15-credit minor in supply chain and logistics management is designed for students who want to develop a base knowledge of supply chain and logistics concepts and terminology. Students across all disciplines are provided an opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge to recognize and address supply chain issues in the global marketplace. This program can be tailored to fit each student’s individual needs and is designed to accompany any major.

Students who intend to complete the fundamentals of business minor are strongly encouraged to consult with the office of the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences to obtain proper advising.

Minor Requirements for Supply Chain and Logistics Management:
IDS 205 Business Statistics 3 credits
IDS 306 Global Operations and Supply Management 3 credits
Two courses from the following options:
IDS 340 Statistics for Decision Making
SCM 310 Global Logistics Management 3 credits
BUS 315 Analytical Modeling 3 credits
SCM 330 Enterprise Resource Planning Systems 3 credits
SCM 402 Advanced Analytical Methods for SCM 3 credits
SCM 405 Supply Chain Strategy — Capstone 3 credits
One course with a global/international focus from the following options:
MKT 430 International Marketing 3 credits
FIN 430 International Finance 3 credits
MGT 440 Cross Cultural Management 3 credits