Minor in Coaching Education

Courses are designed to present basic knowledge of the prevention of injuries, coaching theories, coaching in specific sports, and the psychological components of sports and participation.

Required Courses

CourseCourse DescriptionCredits.
KIN 192Care and Prevention of Sport Injuries1 Cr.
KIN 220Coaching Theory3 Cr.
KIN 310Psychology of Sport3 Cr.
Three courses from the following options:
KIN 205Fundamental Nutrition3 Cr.
KIN 222Sport Officiating2 Cr.
KIN 240Governance in Sports3 Cr.
KIN 277Physiology of Exercise3 Cr.
KIN 320Sport, Society, and Ethics3 Cr.
KIN 340Motor Learning3 Cr.
KIN 370Kinesiology I3 Cr.