Students attend Valpo’s college for business majors

Minor in Business Analytics

The minor in business analytics requires 18-19 credit hours and is designed for students who want to sharpen their skills in the effective use of data. The concepts and processes taught in the coursework are applicable beyond the field of business analysis, offering students in any field an introduction to the basics of data management and quantitative analysis.

One course from the following options:
STAT 140 General Statistics 3 credits
STAT 240 Statistical Analysis 3 credits
PSY 201 Statistical Methods 3 credits
IDS 205 Business Statistics 3 credits
One course from the following options:
BUS 315 Analytical Modeling 3 credits
BUS 370 Visual Effects 3 credits
BUS 470 Business Analytics Practicum 3 credits
GEO 215 Introduction to Geographical Information Systems 4 credits
All of the following courses:
IDS 115 Business Applications for Decision Making 3 credits
BUS 330 Database Management Systems 3 credits
IDS 340 Statistics for Decision Making 3 credits
BUS 440 Data Mining 3 credits