The Valpo Core’s purpose is to welcome new students into academic life.

The Core curriculum and its faculty will guide you in…

  • Discovering where you come from, where you are, and where you are going.
  • Exploration of the most essential aspects of human human life: meaning and purpose, community and justice.
  • Connection and exchange of ideas with great teachers and great texts drawn from both Eastern and Western traditions
  • Preparing to succeed in this increasingly interconnected world and to live a meaningful life of leadership and service in it.
  • Introduction to cultures and traditions other than your own
  • Assistance in making connections between people, ideas, feelings, times, gender, race, class, and cultures
  • Developing the skills necessary to thrive in your studies:
  • Close reading, critical thinking, speaking, and especially writing
  • Skill at retrieving, evaluating, and managing information as you connect to the rest of the world through our library and electronic information services

What are the best things about Core?

  • Great teaching
  • Great place to meet your first friends outside of your wing in the dorm
  • Great books
  • Great films
  • Great discussion of real issues and the real world with real people
  • Great course for learning how to read and write and discuss issues at the college level

How can I succeed in Core?

  • Go to class everyday and come with a question.
  • Be brave: try new things, open every book as if it’s the one that will change your life.
  • Take yourself and your classmates seriously: most people only get one shot at a college education, so make the most of that shot.
  • Listen to others and enjoy what happens inside and outside of the classroom, because these things are related.
  • Be open to new perspectives from people of diverse backgrounds.


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