Ossama Abdelgawwad

Ossama Abdelgawwad Assistant Professor of Theology

Salena Anderson Associate Professor of English, Graduate TESOL Director salena.anderson@valpo.edu 219.464.5219 ASB 227


Zubaidah Albaro Instructor in Valpo Core zubaidah.albaro@valpo.edu 219.464.5369

Kelly Belanger Professor of English and University Director of Writing kelly.belanger@valpo.edu

Amanda Brobst-Renaud Assistant Professor of Theology

Benjamin Brobst-Renaud Lecturer in Communication and Visual Arts


Michael Chikeleze Richard C. & Francelia A. Gozon University Chair and Professor of Leadership Studies michael.chikeleze@valpo.edu 219.464.6827

Ryan Cole Director of Student Philanthropy and Instructor in Valpo Core ryan.cole@valpo.edu 219.464.6812


Jesse Curtis Assistant Professor of History jesse.curtis@valpo.edu 219.464.5405

Ed Finn Executive Director of CITAL and Instructor in Valpo Core ed.finn@valpo.edu

Jack Franicevich Instructor in Valpo Core

Kevin Gary Professor of Education kevin.gary@valpo.edu 219.464.6154

Scott Guffey Instructor in Valpo Core scott.guffey@valpo.edu

Stacy Hoult Professor of World Languages and Cultures stacy.hoult-saros@valpo.edu 219.464.5120


Lisa Jennings Director, Valparaiso Core Program and Clinical Assistant Professor of German lisa.jennings@valpo.edu 219.464.6899 ASB 328

Chloe Kiser Director of Bloom Scholars and Adjunct Faculty chloe.kiser@valpo.edu 219.464.6043 Christopher Center Library, 4th floor, room 400B


Paul Olander Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Science and International Relations paul.olander1@valpo.edu

James Old Associate Professor of Political Science and International Relations james.old@valpo.edu 219.464.6948

Julie Peller Professor of Chemistry julie.peller@valpo.edu 219.464.5639


Aaron Preston Professor of Philosophy aaron.preston@valpo.edu 219.464.5240


Christine Rice Assistant Professor of English christine.rice@valpo.edu


Cynthia Rutz Director of Faculty Development and Adjunct Assistant Professor in Valpo Core cynthia.rutz@valpo.edu 219.464.5960

Colleen Seguin Associate Professor of History colleen.seguin@valpo.edu 219.464.6962


Cheryl Slack Instructor in Valpo Core and Clinical Assistant Professor Emerita of Nursing cheryl.slack@valpo.edu

Jessica Wilson Director of Support Services and Adjunct Instructor jessica.wilson2@valpo.edu 219.464.5250