How might writing in the Core be different from high school?

In Core, writing well means revisions! It means taking your writing through a series of drafts, each one more allowing you to better think, understand, and communicate.

While in high school you may have focused on learning to write, in Core we combine writing to learn – thinking deeply about what we read, view, and discuss – while learning to write.  We’ll practice going beyond writing formulas to produce and share our most important meanings.  At the same time, you’ll learn about the process through which academic scholarship and research gets produced in universities.

Writing in the Core is like sketching in an art class – you do it all the time.  You write three formal papers in the first semester and reviews of events on campus for your 5th hour requirement.  With each writing assignment, you work with your peers and instructors feedback to improve your drafts.  The VU Writing Center is another great resource for writers in Core to use at every stage of the process!


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