PLEASE NOTE: Due to the extraordinary circumstances under which the spring 2020 semester is concluding, the Honor Council has approved temporary changes to the Honor Council process. 

These changes, outlined below, may mean that there will be a longer delay than usual in processing of cases. Please bear with us as we make this transition.

The Executive Committee of the undergraduate Honor System, with the endorsement of the deans, has decided to implement a modified version of the current graduate school Honor Council process. New undergraduate cases for spring and summer 2020 will be submitted via the Honor Council website as usual. Then those cases will be adjudicated by the dean of the Valparaiso University Law School, David Cleveland. Dean Cleveland will then attempt informal mediation leading to a final decision regarding the disposition of the case. The link to the temporary process is here

“I have neither given or received, nor have I tolerated others’ use of unauthorized aid.”

This statement is written on all homework, quizzes, and exams at Valparaiso University. Every student must write out the Honor Code in full and sign it for all work submitted for academic credit. The Honor Code expresses the promise of the student not to cheat through either action or inaction. The use of these words expresses the faith of the faculty in the student body.

Valparaiso University is proud to be one of a select few universities to operate under a student-run honor system. The Honor Code was established in 1943 by students with the support of the faculty. Signing one’s name to the honor code not only ensures academic pride and integrity of oneself and others but also one’s commitment to a future composed of honest work and integrity.

The Honor System is a cherished tradition of Valparaiso University. Covering all work submitted for academic credit, the Honor System is based on the highest principles of ethics and honesty in class work and campus life. The Honor System is also regarded as an expression of the Christian character of the University.

The purpose of this website is to guide you. Below you’ll find information on how to report a violation, what to do if you are accused of a violation, our constitution, and the Spring 2014 statement on proctoring quizzes and exams.