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Honor Code & Grading


” I have neither given or received, nor have I tolerated others’ use of unauthorized aid.”

Honor Code

Honor Code Administration The student-initiated and administered Honor System is a strong distinguishing characteristic of Valparaiso University. In sanctioning the Honor System, the University assumes that students are able and willing to accept the rights and responsibilities of honorable conduct both as a matter of personal integrity and as a commitment to the values to which the University community commits itself. It is the responsibility of instructors to define what constitutes authorized and unauthorized aid in their courses. It is the responsibility of students to honor such definitions and to inquire for additional clarification if and when questions arise about possible violations of the Honor Code.

Actions that would be considered violations of the Honor Code include:
1. Misrepresentation
2. Using unauthorized materials during examinations
3. Failing to observe examination time limits
4. Plagiarism
5. Willful obstruction of the educational process for others

The Graduate Educational Policy Committee is responsible for administering the Honor Code in the Graduate School and for supervising procedures of adjudication and penalty. To this end the Graduate Educational Policy Committee establishes annually the Executive Committee, Graduate Honor Council, and the Graduate Appeals Panel.

Grading System and Quality Points

The course grades reported and recorded in the Office of the Registrar are as follows. The corresponding number of quality points per credit hour is also indicated

For Grades Description, Click here
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All students, degree and non-degree seeking, must maintain a grade point average of 3.00 (B = 3.00) in all graduate work undertaken at Valparaiso University.

Grades A through C generate semester credits and quality points in meeting degree requirements, but no more than three credit hours of C or C+ may be counted toward meeting degree requirements. Grades of C- and below do not constitute credit toward the degree, but are included on the student’s transcript and are calculated into the student’s official cumulative grade point average.

A student who receives a grade of C+ or lower in a second course is placed on academic probation and receives an official notice from the Graduate School. The student must replace one of these grades within one academic year or will be dropped from the program. Receipt of a third grade of C+ or lower will result in dismissal from the Graduate School.

Final Examinations


  • Will be held in class.
  • Exam times are determined by the Office of the Registrar and do not occur during typical class days/times.  The final exam calendar is available at: Registrar’s Website


  • Final exams are not required, but instructors may include them as part of the evaluation process of the class.
  • The exam times are during the normal class meeting days/times.


  • Online classes that are three or more credits will have final exams.

Academic Calendar

Important dates, including registration periods, semester start/end dates, university breaks, form deadlines, and graduation details, are available both in the Catalogs and in the calendar.