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About the Department

Research scientists and real-world practitioners help students understand the lasting principles of a constantly changing field that changes the world.

The degree program at Valpo situate Computer Science firmly in the liberal arts tradition of open inquiry and discovery while developing highly marketable professional skills and an appreciation of both the ethical issues raised by computing technologies and their potential to make a positive impact in the real world.


Valpo’s CIS department educates both undergraduate and graduate students in emerging technologies. More important, however, is the department’s commitment to teaching students the skills at the heart of computer science: analyzing and understanding processes. This solid grounding in the logic, science, and design of computing prepares students for the future of technology regardless of what new languages, operating systems, and applications emerge.


Our major programs are flexible enough to allow students to apply their computing skills to any number of fields. We encourage our students to pursue complementary interests in other academic disciplines, and a robust advising program helps students make wise choices that advance them toward their academic and career goals.


As computing technologies transform our world, they repeatedly pose new ethical and social challenges. Valparaiso University’s traditional focus on ethics and service ensures that students of computing and information sciences are thoroughly versed in ethical issues associated with computing — and that they develop conceptual habits that enable them to recognize new ethical issues as they arise.

As part of this commitment, the MS in Information Technology programs requires an Ethics in IT course for all students, as well as the option to explore technology law and policy in greater detail.