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Scholarships and Awards

Students in the Valparaiso University Computing and Information Sciences Department are eligible for two scholarships. One is awarded annually to a student in either mathematics or computer science, while the second is reserved exclusively for students of computer science.

Recognition for CIS Students

Louis Foster joined the faculty of Valparaiso University in the spring of 1961. Prior to this, he served as a chaplain in the United States Navy. From 1965 until 1977, he served in a variety of administrative posts, including dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, acting vice president for academic affairs, coordinator of curriculum revision, and director of institutional research. The University regarded him as a gifted administrator.

Professor Foster was a faculty member whose talents as a teacher of mathematics and computer science were of the highest magnitude. In the 1980s, he brought significant direction to the fledgling computer science program. His research in computer science led to a collaboration that took him to Exeter University in England for an extended period of time.

After his retirement, the department was pleased to announce the Louis A. Foster Scholarship for outstanding computer science majors, in recognition of his many contributions to the department.

Graeme Roberts & Professor James Caristi
Graeme Roberts & Professor James Caristi

Louis A. Foster Recipients

  • 2023-24 Mason Tulacz, Aubrey Kranz
  • 2022-23 Spencer Gannon
  • 2021-22 Nathan Harmon, Ethan Hawk
  • 2020-21 Erik Johnson
  • 2019-20 Eric Yager
  • 2018-19 Carly Armor
  • 2017–18 Kimberly Orr
  • 2016–17 Dylan Snyder
  • 2015–16 Chinedu Emeka
  • 2014–15 Stephen Mezzacapo
  • 2013–14 Graeme Roberts
  • 2012–13 not awarded
  • 2011–12 Kirk Baly
  • 2010–11 Brian Havlisch
  • 2009–10 Kelly Roth
  • 2008–09 Kristopher Willmert
  • 2007–08 Frederick Spreen
  • 2006–07 Matthew Jungwirth
  • 2005–06 Matthew R. Schaefer
  • 2004–05 Whitney Tyson

In computing, various tools are used to help keep a development team all working from the same set of files and information. Many of those tools use the word “commit” as a command or instruction.  Executing that command places work in a shared area for others to call upon and helps complete the common goals. This award takes its name from that command. For a working computing professional, to run it is an indication that “I’m done; this is good. I’m ready for this work to be seen — and employed by others.” 

Any student who has taken courses from the department is eligible; recipients of this award have demonstrated both academic ability and an ongoing commitment to professional and technical excellence.

  • 2023-24 Matthew Dembny, Christian Garcia
  • 2022-23 Ethan Hawk, Nathan Harmon
  • 2021-22 Zack Lee, Eric Yager
  • 2020-21 Preston Petrie, Lin Asplin
  • 2019-20 Juan Arellano Marquez, Cody Packer
  • 2018-19 Samuel Iselin, Kimberly Orr
  • 2017–18 Charles Morris, Dylan Snyder
  • 2016–17 Isaiah Sorvaag
  • 2015–16 Grant Garr, Justin Szaday
  • 2014–15 John Stewart, Areej Alhussein

VU Scholarships

In addition to the generous financial aid awards, Valpo offers to families with demonstrated financial need, the University also rewards students demonstrating exceptional high-school achievement with a variety of academic scholarships and merit awards. Students may also qualify for additional aid from Federal and State of Indiana grant programs.

Read more about scholarships, grants, and aid on the Valpo Financial Aid website »