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Degrees in Computer Science

Valpo’s curriculum in computer science introduces students to a medley of programming languages, operating systems, and hardware – with an aim of preparing students to understand and adapt to new and emerging technologies.

Computer Science at Valpo employs the methodologies of mathematics (logic), science (observation), and engineering (design). At its core is the study of algorithms — the precise sequence of instructions used to solve problems.


The faculty who teach at Valpo’s Computer and Information Sciences Department understand the discipline in the context of the liberal arts tradition. Graduates leave Valpo with strong interpersonal, oral, and written communication skills as well as excellent quantitative and qualitative analytical skills, and the faculty is committed to giving students a thorough understanding of the social and ethical issues that modern computing can raise.


See Degree Map for Computer Science B.A. >>

The bachelor of arts in computer science requires a minimum of 32 credit hours in computer science, develops competency in a few key areas, and allows a great deal of flexibility. See Degree Requirements »


See Degree Map for Computer Science B.S. >>

The bachelor of science in computer science requires at least 36 credit hours in computer science and balances structure with considerable freedom in the selection of electives. See Degree Requirements »


The 15-credit minor in computer science includes two required courses and at least nine credit hours worth of electives. See Minor Requirements »


Valpo’s computer and information sciences department encourages its students to combine their study of computer science with other intellectual interests by offering flexible major programs that can be tailored to meet students’ needs.

Professional Skills

The CS curriculum at Valpo stresses not only programming, but also professional ethics as well as communication and presentation skills that prepare students for the world of work.

Real Research

Valpo students of computer science can choose to engage in research projects from their first semester at Valpo. A well-established undergraduate research program regularly leads to conference presentations and the occasional publication.