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Experiential Learning

Undergraduate Research

The Valparaiso University Computing and Information Sciences Department is committed to an active program of undergraduate research. From the beginning of freshman year, students may choose to join a small ongoing research group that works on a project, typically for an academic year, under the guidance of a faculty member. Each team includes both beginning and advanced students.

There is also the possibilities of doing a variety of independent study projects or a honors work as a senior.

Senior Projects

Students in computer science at Valpo have the option of undertaking several types of senior/capstone projects.

Students may opt to take ‘Software Design and Development’ (CS 358), and participate in a project that delivers a fully documented finished product as a part of an industry-style team.  There is also the possibility of doing Departmental Honors Work, under the guidelines set by the College of Arts and Sciences.

Internship Experience: Practicum in Computer Science

CS 285, the Practicum in Computer Science, is available to students with the approval of the department chair. It offers intensive, supervised professional experience and/or technical training in computing-related fields. The student submits a written report on the experience.

Cooperative Education

Co-op placements, taken as CS 381, allow students to earn academic credit for paid professional experience, with the preauthorization of the department chair. Grades are based on employer evaluations and written and oral reports by students.