Undergraduate Computer Science Research

Valpo’s undergraduate research program for computer science was established before computing and information sciences became a department distinct from mathematics and statistics. Faculty/student joint projects date back to the 1990s, and includes work with NASA on amplification and information retention with data from the X-ray portion of the spectrum.

Multi-year research efforts often see junior or senior students helping to mentor freshmen and sophomore. For any level of student, these projects allow students to learn about the research process, which can be a key skill for both further professional development either in industry or in graduate study. The range of the projects listed below illustrate the wide scope for inquiry and collaboration in computing.

Work from these projects can be exhibited at sub-discipline specific academic forums, Valpo’s own Symposium (SOURCE), or at student-focused events like the Butler Undergraduate Research Conferences.

Selected Student Projects, Posters, Reports, and Publications



Summer Opportunities for Valpo Students

The faculty encourages its students to take advantage of opportunities to conduct research during the summer months. Faculty advisors can be invaluable in helping students locate research projects that match their interests, as well as writing recommendations and offering advice on application strategies.

There are also opportunities at other institutions - recent students have participated in research experiences for undergraduates held at Notre Dame (data analytics), Cleveland State (robotic legs and balance), or industry-focused externships available through the Career Center.  These summer opportunities, often funded, provide both career opportunities and the opportunity to practice the skills acquired in the classroom.

Research Experiences for Undergraduates »


Valpo computer science majors present their research findings in a variety of venues, including student and professional conferences at the regional and national levels.

Both research teams and the CIS Capstone course project groups regularly participate in the annual Symposium on Undergraduate Research and Creative Expression (SOURCE), held in the spring.

 Symposium on Undergraduate Research and Creative Expression (SOURCE