Computing links to almost every modern and academic discipline — studying computer science is a plus for all graduates when in the job market.

Both Computer Science majors and minors will find employment or graduate study opportunities; the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook predicts faster-than-average growth for nearly every computing and information technology job for the next decade. The analytical and problem-solving skills central to computing and the information sciences are valued by employers in all sectors.  Skills in computing and algorithmic thinking can greatly enhance any degree in any field -including those in the sciences, business, engineering, or health professions.

Majors in computing and information sciences have a competitive advantage in many occupations. For those interested in jobs in fields closely related to the discipline, “computer and information technology occupations” include:

Computing and Information Sciences majors work in a wide range of fields – recent Valpo students and graduates have gone into employment in the :

  • health care/health insurance sector,
  • the petroleum services industries,
  • specialist software production firms – including video game creation,
  • Internet service providers, and
  • primary metals manufacturing.

As the field of computer science continues to grow, so do the career options for graduates. provides information on the top 12 most prevalent CS careers today, including data on salaries, knowledge requirements, and recommended education.

Additional information on the broader categories and scope of computing is available at the Association for Computing Machinery website.  Specifics are available at the association’s “Degrees and Careers” page for Computer Science.

Valparaiso University’s Career Center offers advising to students on Internship sites, jobs and career plans.  The highly skilled staff assists students in building resumes, cover letters, and portfolios towards professional advancement post graduation.


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