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New Students

Cohort Registration for Classes

All first semester students in the MSIT program are required to take foundational IT courses for successful completion of the program.  These include:

IT 502 Introduction to Programming (3 credits)
IT 510 Introduction to Information Technology  (3 credits)
IT 600 Ethics in IT  (3 credits)
LS 608 Professional Writing and Research (3 credits)
GRD 500 Graduate Student Success (for international students only, zero credit course)

Before Classes Begin

All new students within the MSIT program are expected to complete three main tasks before classes begin:

  • Arrive at Valparaiso at least 1 week before the registration starts – Student Affairs and the Office of International Programs coordinates orientations.
  • Read and register for classes using the information sent by Kimberly Tomkiewicz via email.
  • Obtain your One Card at the Harre Union building.

Student Holds

Advising Hold – Academic Advising holds will be placed on your account prior to registration. You must communicate with your advisor regarding your intended schedule to have the advising hold lifted from your account.

Student Health Center – If you have not submitted all necessary health documents to the VU Health Center.

Graduate Admissions– Admission may have an administrative hold on your account.

Student Accounts – If you have outstanding fees, you must contact Student Accounts office in Kretzmann Hall.