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MSIT Capstone Class

Capstone Options for MSIT Students

  • Thesis Research and Thesis – 6 credits, takes a minimum of two semesters
  • Research Project – 3 credits, takes one semester
  • IT 670 Professional Development – 3 credits, takes one semester

Under the instruction of Peter Sedrak, provides CIS graduate students with real-life professional experiences that will strongly assist recent graduates, and international students, succeed in the workforce as a professional in IT.

  • Internship – 3 credits, typically just one semester. If an international student, requires a change of I-90 through collaboration of the CIS Department, the Office of International Programs, and the Graduate School

The Academic Advisor and Capstone Coordinator for Graduate IT Programs will guide each student through the process of applying for the best capstone experience that meets their professional and academic goals.  Capstone Information Sessions are held each semester for students in the program.