Academic Support Overview

Where can I find academic support opportunities?

As a Valpo student, you have access to numerous campus resources committed to your success inside and outside of the classroom. Meeting your professors during their office hours is the first step on the path to gaining extra learning assistance with your coursework. In addition to professors’ office hours, many of Valpo’s academic departments and professional colleges offer weekly group help sessions, led by experienced Valpo students working as teaching assistants and peer tutors. Some professors may also offer group help sessions outside of their class times.

In addition, Valpo has four learning centers that offer a variety of group and individual learning assistance, mostly at the undergraduate level, free of charge to students. Take advantage of our learning centers, where peer tutors are available to help you grow as a writer, strengthen your learning strategies, practice language skills, and thrive during your academic journey.

Valpo’s Learning Centers

Unified in Purpose, Distinct in Service

Additional Student Support Resources

The Counseling Center’s primary service is one-on-one counseling that assists students in overcoming personal issues that may negatively affect their ability to be successful and to make the most out of their Valpo experience. Visit the website to access helpful personal guides and to learn more about services you can receive.

The Access and Accommodations Resource Center provides students with disabilities equal access to an education and to university life. They provide accommodations, support services and special programs that are individualized to work toward student success.