Scholarship and Fellowship Advising

The A&S Dean’s Office offers crucial assistance for students navigating the complex process of applying for competitive scholarships and fellowships.

National fellowships and scholarships can provide valuable opportunities to qualified students in the College of Arts and Sciences. These grants may fund the last years of undergraduate education, graduate study in the United States or abroad, or independent research. The Dean’s Office works hard to ensure students’ access to these sources of funding by publicizing opportunities, matching students’ interests and goals with appropriate awards, supervising award nominations, reviewing application materials, and guiding students through the deadlines and requirements of applications.

An Early Start

Most competitive scholarships require a time-consuming application process involving not only standard forms, but also a personal statement, letters of support, and sometimes interviews and nomination by the University. Successful applicants must understand these requirements well in advance of deadlines, so interested students are encouraged to begin investigating the possibilities fairly early in their college careers.